Engeneering Service GmbH


Experienced experts provide full and global consultancy and supervisory services for newbuildings, repairs, drydocking and conversion of vessels which include repairs, preparation of tender, contracting of experienced reliable workshops and selected efficient dockyards. 


This service covers all details in connection with laying up of a vessel in the most suitable lay up places plus periodic maintenance, and the reactivation for trading.


Handling of the physical side of shipping such as carrying out preventive maintenance by programme, stocking of essential spare parts, trouble shooting, repairs by flying/riding repair crews.


Excellent long-term connections with suppliers and manufacturers worldwide provide for economical prices by highest quality and fastest supply to the vessel all around the globe. Our technical staff is always prepared to assist the ship´s engineers by their decesion.


The services, well known from our company in Spain, are now availlable allover the whole world.

Our Engineers are waiting for your instructions to prepare efficient solutions for your engine and auxiliaries.

We are also prepared to supply repair teams for joining the vessel and maintain during the voyage.