Project MR
This project has been conceived in order to offer solutions to acute environmental issues in Central Europe, in Amazonia and in Iberia / North Africa. Additionally it generates local employment effects in all three regions as well as further impulses for certain sectors in agriculture, environmental and marine technology and shipping.

Quintessentially it is based on the transfer of substances which are considered problematic in Central Europe like liquid manure, biowaste and compost by means of converted, ecologically outdated single hull tankers to the Amazon region., where they become valuable plant nutrients used to reforest the extensively devasted jungle areas. In a second operation on the inevitable return voyage freshwater from the Amazon River will be carried to the regions in southern Spain, Portugal and North Africa which suffer from lack of agricultural irrigation water.

This concept is based on already existing well-proven technologies thus reducing implementation risks. The initiators offer high professional competence and relevant connections in the operational areas which are considered to be indispensable for the implementation of this concept.